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Olivia Fenty

Olivia Fenty is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross who majored in Psychology, with an Africana Studies concentration. Olivia is the creative director of an initiative for Black femmes called the Chocolate Project.  Since founding this initiative, she has curated bonding and artistic spaces to promote healing and empowerment in the Black femme community. Olivia is passionate about addressing the impact racism and discrimination have on people of color’s mental well-being through culturally informed therapy. She is planning to be a clinical psychologist. Olivia is from Cambridge, MA, but currently lives with her mom and four siblings in Fitchburg, MA.


What does liberation mean to you?


Liberation is the ability for all kinds of people to have an equal opportunity to be happy and live life fully in whatever way that may look like for them. Also, I think it’s ending all kinds of hierarchies that only seek to invalidate someone’s humanity to validate others. Although I'm not entirely sure what exactly the world needs to do to get there, I think it starts with empathy and recognizing the ways we perpetuate harm every day. 


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