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Comprehensive List:

Our academic research into exhibitions about mental health in the United States has included interviews with the creators, and/or curators, of the exhibits listed below. In our opinion, those seeking to design future exhibits about mental health would benefit greatly from investigating these exhibits. Contact information for exhibit creators and curators is provided where permission has been received. 

Michael Janis, Echoes, 2015, Kilnformed glass, glass powder imagery 10” x 30” x 4” Photo: Anything Photographic. 

Notes: (1.) We acknowledge that, in addition to those listed above, other important exhibitions about mental illness must exist in the U.S. that our research has yet to uncover. If you are aware of other exhibits, please email links to and we will consider researching them and including above. (2.) The above list specifically excludes any exhibits, or museums, whose primary focus seems to be an examination of historic facilities and historical treatment methods for mental illness. 

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