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Our Story

The National Museum of Mental Health Project has been in development since 2017. Beginning in 2019, NMMHP has served the public as a clearinghouse for information about mental health exhibitions, and as a platform for communicating and creating awareness of these exhibitions. While our roots include academic research, our 2020 formation as a nonprofit corporation in enables additional concrete actions toward the creation of a National Museum of Mental Health.

Summer 2017

Initial inspiration for a National Museum of Mental Health – developed, in part, during visits to Medfield State Hospital Cemetery (MA). The kernel of what will become NMMHP is developed. 

Fall 2017

Initial opinion editorial envisioning a National Museum of Mental Health is published by five Massachusetts newspapers, and reposted in the U.S. and in Europe by organizations such as the California Department of State Hospitals, Dementia Society of America, The Kennedy Forum and the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

Summer 2018

Research fellowship awarded by Assumption University to eventual NMMHP Co-developers Alexandra Orlandi & Paul Piwko: Museums & Mental Health – Will Money Talk? Financing for Social Entrepreneurship at the Intersection of Healthcare & the Arts

Fall 2018

Keep your visitors in the know. Want to make this content your own? Just add you1st presentation of the National Museum of Mental Health concept - at the New England Museum Association annual conference: Toward an Integrated Business Model to Create Mental Health Literacy via a Museum-Without-Walls. Showcased exhibition materials that were provided by the Science Museum of Minnesota, McLean Hospital, the Mental Health Association of Essex & Morris (NJ), and Grand Rapids Public Museum (MI). r images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.

Fall 2018

2nd conference presentation (poster) at New England Psychological Association in collaboration with Dr. Adam Volungis of the Aaron T. Beck Institute of Cognitive Studies at Assumption University: Toward the Quantification & Optimization of Impact of Museum Exhibits on Mental Health.

Spring 2019

1st opinion editorial about mental health exhibitions runs in Des Moines Register and other papers in Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Summer 2019

 Launch of National Museum of Mental Health Project website to serve as a national clearinghouse for the sharing of mental health exhibitions, and related know-how. Site designed by artist Kate Kruzick and launched via hotspot from the grounds of the Medfield State Hospital Cemetery. 

Fall 2019

Co-developers of NMMHP speak at Logan Airport (Boston) at the grand opening of Yellow Tulip Project’s I Am More exhibition.

Summer 2020

The National Museum of Mental Health Project, Inc. is legally incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

Fall 2020

American Alliance of Museums redistributes our Coloradoan editorial to museums nationally as part of their Dispatches From The Future of Museums.

Development work for the 2021 launch of the I Get It virtual exhibition is led by our three interns – Emily Taylor, Olivia Fenty, & Sydney Tappan. Logo design led by Kate Kruzick 

Spring 2021

NMMHP publishes its 28th opinion editorial in the Richmond Free Press (VA) as part of its communication efforts about mental health exhibitions. 28 op eds. 10 U.S. states.  + Quebec. 

Spring 2021 & Summer 2021: Circulation of call for submissions for I Get It begins on a limited basis.

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