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Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor is a 2022 graduate of the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, MA who majored in Psychology, with a Neuroscience minor and who will be pursuing graduate work in clinical psychology. At Holy Cross, Emily interned for the Donelan Office of Community-Based learning, where she engaged with several community partners and volunteered with local schools such as Worcester East and Woodland Academy. For her senior thesis within the College Honors Program, she conducted a systematic review of non-addictive alternatives to prototypical opioids. Emily is passionate about increasing accessibility and equity in education, healthcare, and human services. She is from Hopkinton, MA, where she currently lives with her parents, her older brother, and their black lab.


Why did you get involved with the National Museum of Mental Health Project?

Museums are a safe and voluntary space for learning; visitors can explore and engage with material in their own way and at their own pace. I got involved with NMMHP because there are relatively few exhibits dedicated to mental illness and mental wellness, and this organization seeks to change that. Exhibits meaningfully and powerfully combat stigma by sharing research and personal narratives, and I chose to intern with NMMHP so that I could help broaden access to these formative, educational spaces.




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