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Alexandra Orlandi

Alexandra is a co-developer of the National Museum of Mental Health Project. She is currently a Mental Health Specialist at McLean Hospital where she works on an inpatient unit for older adults with mental illness.  A 2019 Psychology graduate of Assumption University, Alex was awarded a research fellowship for her work related to social entrepreneurship and mental health.  Alex co-presented the National Museum of Mental Health concept at the 2018 annual conferences of the New England Psychological Association, and the New England Museum Association. Her editorials on exhibitions about mental health have appeared in newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. 


Why do you want to do work in the mental health field?

People are beautiful. Sometimes people can break. It’s not their fault, rather, a result of something involuntary within. We were born into this world without malintent - towards others or ourselves. If you ask me if beautiful broken people deserve another chance, I will, without a doubt, say yes. I’ve been that person. I’ve gotten help, and I can confidently tell you that life is worth living and help is real. I use my experiences and all that I’ve learned and continued learning to support others who are struggling with mental illness in their journey of resilience. 

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