Kent State University

Create Awareness


Exhibit contact information:

Dr. Kimberly Laurene, The Center for Public Policy and Health, Kent State University,

Dr. Deric Kenne, College of Public Health, Kent State University,

Display period: 2019


Impact Upon Exhibition Trend:

Imagine students, faculty, and staff at a major university lending their names, faces, and stories of their mental health to be depicted online and on campus for all their peers to see. Kent State’s Talk On web initiative and the related Create Awareness exhibition utilize physical images – some placed in high-traffic campus locations – and online content to reach the entire campus community. This is the first exhibition our research has uncovered whose creators possess expertise in the realm of public health, and it serves as a model for how attitudes about mental health can be addressed and advanced at a community level.



Create Awareness at Kent State University

Image used with permission from Kent State University

The National Museum of Mental Health Project researches the use of exhibits to transform society's attitudes about,

and understanding of, mental health. 

The Project seeks to:

  • Share research related to exhibits about mental health and wellness. 

  • Facilitate collaboration among artists, curators, exhibit designers, mental health professionals, people with lived experience, and others who seek to share knowledge.

  • Inspire the development of a national museum of mental health that is a museum-without-walls. This may take the form of a new nonprofit entity, or emerge organically from vigorous collaboration and sharing of know-how.


The Project extends from a research fellowship at Assumption University. 

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