The Science Museum of Minnesota

Mental Health: Mind Matters


Exhibit managed and curated by:

Cari Dwyer, Science Museum of Minnesota,

Display period: 2018–current (multiple locations)


Impact Upon Exhibition Trend:

Mind Matters represents the largest and most sophisticated effort by a major American museum - the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) - to create an exhibition about mental health. An instructive example of how collaboration and the sharing of expertise related to mental health exhibitions can propel the exhibit trend forward. Adapted for the United States through a partnership between the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) and Heureka of Finland, this exhibition has travelled to multiple venues in the U.S. and Canada. SMM sought guidance from Museum of Science, Boston (Many Faces of Our Mental Health) while developing Mind Matters, and has shared specialized know-how with the museums that have hosted this exhibition. 




Mental Health: Mind Matters at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Image used with permission from the Science Museum of Minnesota

The National Museum of Mental Health Project researches the use of exhibits to transform society's attitudes about,

and understanding of, mental health. 

The Project seeks to:

  • Share research related to exhibits about mental health and wellness. 

  • Facilitate collaboration among artists, curators, exhibit designers, mental health professionals, people with lived experience, and others who seek to share knowledge.

  • Inspire the development of a national museum of mental health that is a museum-without-walls. This may take the form of a new nonprofit entity, or emerge organically from vigorous collaboration and sharing of know-how.


The Project extends from a research fellowship at Assumption University. 

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