Mental Health Association of Essex & Morris, Inc. (NJ)

Inside Out Project Group Action:

Out in the Open. In it Together


Exhibit contact information:

Renee Folzenlogen,

Display period: 2018–current (multiple locations)


Impact Upon Exhibition Trend:

An affiliate of Mental Health America, MHAEM has orchestrated a flurry of activity in the use of mental health exhibitions in Northern New Jersey that may be unparalleled nationally for its versatility. Eye-catching oversized photographs of individuals whose lives have been impacted by mental illness are popping up in high traffic locations, such as Newark Penn Station. Passersby are intercepted amidst their daily routine and challenged to recognize the prevalence of mental illness, and the reality that “we’re in this together.” An art exhibition (My Mother’s Keeper) has been displayed in gallery spaces. All of this activity is enabled by MHAEM’s creative capabilities and its ability to collaborate with partners as diverse as the internationally-known French street-artist JR, and New Jersey Transit.



Out in the Open. In it Together (@ Newark Penn Station)

Image used with permission from Mental Health Association of Essex & Morris, Inc.

The National Museum of Mental Health Project researches the use of exhibits to transform society's attitudes about,

and understanding of, mental health. 

The Project seeks to:

  • Share research related to exhibits about mental health and wellness. 

  • Facilitate collaboration among artists, curators, exhibit designers, mental health professionals, people with lived experience, and others who seek to share knowledge.

  • Inspire the development of a national museum of mental health that is a museum-without-walls. This may take the form of a new nonprofit entity, or emerge organically from vigorous collaboration and sharing of know-how.


The Project extends from a research fellowship at Assumption University. 

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