University of Nebraska - Omaha

Coming into: Mental Health and Stigma in Council Bluffs, IA and

Canton, China

Exhibit contact information:

Dr. Peter Szto, Grace Abbott School of Social Work, University of Nebraska - Omaha,

Display period: 2019-current


Impact Upon Exhibition Trend:

The first exhibition that attempts to speak directly to the universality and timelessness of mental illness, this photographic exhibition includes present-day images from Council Bluffs, Iowa and 20th Century images from Canton, China (now Guangzhou). By including content from two cultures, this exhibition connects Omaha, the geographic center of the United States, with China. Coming into invites visitors to consider the similarities and differences regarding attitudes, community care, the treatment of mental illness, and the prevalence of stigma in both countries.



Coming into: Mental Health and Stigma in Council Bluffs, IA and Canton, China

Image used with permission from Peter Szto

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