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Kate Kruzick

Kate Kruzick is an Assumption University Graduate, Class of 2020;  She studied Graphic Design, Marketing, and Studio Art. Kate has grown professionally by completing internships at The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory, and Reverb Digital. She currently is an independent freelance Graphic and Website Designer working alongside small businesses such as Manchester CPR Programs and Structural Graphics and also non-profits such as The National Museum of Mental Health Project and Art in the Park. Kate is an advocate for mental health awareness and is passionate about breaking down stigmas using her creative abilities.

How have you found your resilience?

Art in all forms from fine art, film, music, etc, has helped me gain both peace and stability in times of hardship. Creativity can be spread and shared through many platforms and help a wide range of others in many ways. Utilizing creativity to communicate and express emotion and spread awareness is something that I am passionate about. Working with NMMHP is an example of how I am able to use my creative skills to help others and also gain personal resiliency. 




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