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The National Museum of Mental Health Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization and “museum

without walls” that researches and creates exhibitions that can transform society’s attitudes about, and understanding of, mental health. Through the development of online exhibits, NMMHP does what museums do best – educate, interpret, advance dialogue, and develop literacy on the topic of mental health.

The Project seeks to:

  • Develop and display exhibitions by facilitating collaboration among artists, curators, mental health professionals, people with lived experience, and others who seek to share talents and knowledge.

  • Share research related to exhibits about mental health and wellness.

  • Build alliances with community, local, and national not-for-profit, for-profit, governmental, and educational entities who are similarly interested in creating positive mental health outcomes.

  • Develop a national museum of mental health.

The Project extends from a research fellowship at Assumption University. 


Our mental health is a mosaic of realizations, experiences, skills, perspectives, treatments, and DNA, with the pieces held together by the fractures and open space between. I Get It is a public art exhibition for exploring this mosaic. Leave a piece. Take a piece. Build better mental health.


I Get It is an ever-expanding and ever-changing exhibition that is both accessible to the public and is enlivened by creative expressions that come from the public. It serves as a safe space for creative exploration, shared understanding, inspiration, and emotional learning. I Get It includes an oral history component that takes the form of a social media campaign and consists of personal messages and storytelling about finding one’s way toward better mental health, as well as an artistic works component that expresses this journey creatively. I Get It is open to all forms of creative expression, whether it comes through the brush, the pen, the camera, the dancefloor, the voice, or other mediums that can be shared in a public virtual display. Curated by the National Museum of Mental Health Project, I Get It is a communication platform for the exchange of creative energy that can lead toward better mental health.


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