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Sydney Tappan

Sydney Tappan is a Writing and Mass Communications major as well as a Graphic Design and Marketing minor at Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts. At Assumption, Sydney is the Assistant Editor in Chief and the Campus Life Editor of the school newspaper, Le Provocateur, where she writes and edits articles for publishing. She is also a member of Eta Sigma Phi, The National Classics Honor Society, and Sigma Tau Delta, The National English Honor Society. Sydney is passionate about marketing followed by the ability to have a voice and make a difference with what is put out on the internet intended for the public eye. She has an affinity for helping others, whether that be directly or on social media. She is from Oxford, Connecticut where she lives with her parents, her younger sister, and three dogs; but she has hopes of moving to Boston after graduation.  


Do you think the end or the means is more important? 


Both. In order to reach the end, one must understand the means. Without the unanimous understanding of both the goal and the resources necessary to reach that specific goal, the learning that comes with the experience is depleted. I try to incorporate this into my everyday life. When I feel as though I am going through something that I do not understand, I remind myself that just because it does not make sense now, does not mean it will not make sense in the future. When you can understand that you can learn something from everything, life becomes more meaningful as well as purposeful. This is useful and reassuring during hard and unprecedented times, including but not excluded from the months we have experienced during the pandemic. 




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